i500 TWS Review and How To Reset

i500 TWS Review & How To Reset

Posted at 11:00 • 23 February 2020 • PodsBay Pty Ltd

The PodsBay i500 TWS is the latest 1:1 Super Copy that comes in an exact size and function match to Apple's Airpods - they also contain other significant upgrades like the addition of a H1 Chip, Rename ability, iCloud Sync and as always the iOS Popup on connect.

In this review we will dive in to the differences found between the i500 TWS vs Apple Airpods and How To Reset your i500 TWS when trouble arises.

iOS 13 & Android:

The first question we often get asked is does the i500 TWS work with iOS 13 or Android and the answer is absolutely yes to both those questions. Our PodsBay i500 TWS works with all current iOS software and any Android device as the unit is based on Bluetooth 5.0 technology so it will pair with basically any device.



How To Connect i500 TWS:

Step 1: Go into the bluetooth settings and ensure your Bluetooth is toggled to "on".

Step 2: Open the i500 TWS case lid and wait a moment, you should shortly see an iOS popup with instructions

Step 3: Once it is successfully paired you can use them as normal and they will sync across all your devices after a few hours. You can also rename them, customise the Left and the Right earbud functions and locate them using the "Find my iPhone" function on iOS devices.

Step 4: If for some reason you do not get the "Popup" you can hold down the button on the back until you see the LED on the front of the case blink white and you should see a name or option in your Bluetooth connection list to connect them manually.



How To Reset i500 TWS:

Sometimes devices will experience issues (for various reasons) and need to be reset. The below guide should be followed carefully and repeated if necessary.

Step 1: Ensure earbuds are in the case, the lid is closed and the device profile has been deleted from your bluetooth menu.

Step 2: Open the lid and hold the button on the back of the case (keep holding).

Step 3: Continue holding the button and you will see the LED on the front of the case flash white (you might see the earbuds turn blue or make a sound as well) continue holding this button until you see the LED on the front flash green.

Step 4: Close the lid and your unit is repaired. If this is not the case repeat the above steps carefully. If all else fails it is best to leave them connected/in use for as long as possible to drain their battery then leave them overnight to "reset" them.



i500 TWS vs Airpods

It should be noted that Apple Airpods are a seperate brand made by Apple and these units are not the same. The i500 TWS looks very similar and comes in the same dimensions and has most of the core functions but the products are not the same. If you are comfortable buying a product that is "close enough" to what Apple offers at a significant discount on price then we strongly recommend the i500 TWS.



Sound Quality and Chipsets

The i500 TWS Super Copy from PodsBay features the Airoha 1536U chipset which is a special "low power draw" chipset that allows the i500 TWS to have longer battery life than its cousin the i200 TWS or the Air 2 Pods Super Copy. Those units will tend to have around 2-3 hours battery life but because of the 1536U chipset from Airoha the i500 TWS is in normal usage conditions able to achieve roughly 4-5 hours of battery life.

The chipset also has better Codec Compatibility being able to decode AAC codecs and other lossless formats that some of the other models cannot.




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i500 TWS Weight:

One of the easiest ways to tell if you have purchased a "good" i500 TWS or a "bad" one is by the weight of the device. A well made one should weigh close to 46g (give or take) whereas a low quality one will be closed to 30g. Many cheap suppliers will pretend the sell the Original i500 TWS but most sell inferior models and repackage them. The products we have recommended above are the correct weigh and the correct models



i500 TWS Exclamation Mark:

Sometimes customers might see a "Exlamation Mark !" on their iOS popup, this indicates that something is wrong with the L or the R earbud. The easiest way to fix that (if its simply a software issue) is to follow the steps in the i500 TWS Reset/Repair Process outlined earlier. If for some reason that doesn't fix them them most suppliers will allow you to return them for an exchange or a full refund. At Podsbay.com we offer a full warranty on all of our products.




i500 TWS YouTube Reviews

Don't just take our word for it though, the i500 TWS has been Reviewed by other large YouTubers before, we recommend watching any of the two videos below which will give you a fantastic idea about the look and feel of the device

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