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The KD10 TWS isn't a Super Copy. It aims to provide a Budget option for those looking for all the good features, but not wanting to pay too much money. The KD10 takes styling choices from the i10 TWS that came before it and makes some significant improvements.


Key Features:

  • Long 3-4 Hour Battery Life
  • H1 Chip
  • Wireless Charging Case
  • Strong volume highs and treble with medium level bass
  • iOS Popup to display battery levels for earbuds and case
  • 24 Hour Battery life from Wireless Charge Case
  • Pair with any Bluetooth enabled device (iPhone, Android, MacBook, Tablet, PC etc)
  • 30 Days Refund Guarantee


Look we could quote dimensions, stats/figures at you but I'll keep it simple. The KD10 TWS is a really great budget unit for those looking to get similar features and performance as a Super Copy but not wanting to spend quite that much.  

Overall we recommend this as one of if not the best Budget options out there at the moment. Competitors like the i20 TWS, i30 TWS, i60 TWS and other models are not quite as good as this one.


These Earbuds Seem Familiar:

Correct! They do look similar to a well known Apple product but at a significant discount. You're probably wondering how and thats a great question.

China produces all the Apple products sold around the world and there are many factories, engineers and staff that have worked for Apple in China. Some of those people decided to start their own companies and produce Earbuds like this. We sell directly from the factory to you. Free DHL worldwide shipping.


Whats Your Refund Policy:

We believe in the product so if you place an order and something goes wrong. Simply send them back to us for a full refund. Or just have a look at reviews left by our customers at the bottom of this page. Or visit our Facebook just search for "Podsbay".