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The i30 TWS is the next generation of True Wireless Earbuds that comes in a 1:1 exact size and match. The i30 TWS Headphones have similar features with Gen1 product such as iOS Popup with shows you the battery percentage of your case and earbuds. This is possible with the W1 Chip.

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Key Features:

  • Auto pairing and power on/off with the W1 Chip
  • Accurate battery levels for Earbuds and Case
  • 2-3 Hours use time
  • Right earbud can be used individually
  • iOS Popup to display battery levels earbuds and case
  • 24 Hour battery life from Charge Case
  • 1:1 dimensions with leading industry earbud
  • Works with iOS and Android
  • 30 Days Refund Guarantee


Look we could quote dimensions, stats/figures at you but I’ll keep it simple. The i30 TWS from PodsBay is a reasonably priced feature rich option for those who want a reliable unit, without paying too much. The i30 TWS is the same 1:1 dimensions as Gen1 product. If you’re looking for more features please consider our i100 TWS as the next level above this.

Our i30 TWS will give you the look you need and your friends won’t ever notice the difference. But your bank account will notice because you will have just saved around $120 dollars.


How Are They Made

We manufacture our own True Wireless Sound (TWS) earbuds in our ISO9001 accredited factory in Shenzhen, China. We use the most premium chipsets, speakers, drivers and plastics to ensure you get a great quality headphone and don’t have to pay the premium price other Branded headphones cost.

Whats Your Refund Policy:

We believe in the product so if you place an order and something goes wrong. Simply send them back to us for a full refund. Or just have a look at reviews left by our customers at the bottom of this page. Or visit our Facebook just search for “Podsbay”.

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